Online services

As our client you will have secure access to our file so that they can stay up to date on the latest actions in your case. If interested you have the option to report an accident immediately or receive feedback in case of a ticket, like speeding.

  • Our clients will receive secure access to their files in our office. The web file will also allow secure, direct, and confidential communication with our law office.
  • Have you received a ticket to go to court for speeding, running a red light, following to close, alcohol or drugs? Do not just accept the penalties and fines without having received a non-binding consulation from one of our experts.
  • You had an accident; would you like a consultation? You can let us know by contacting us online. You will receive a call back from us quickly.
  • For all other inquiries please contact one of our offices by email or use the “click on the general inquiry tab”